Madeleine Corcoran : About

This blog is a platform for my research, writings (poetic, journalistic, academic and otherwise) and photographs. You can find me on twitter @Madeleine_Pearl and you can email me on .

I also write for visual analysis site, BagNews Notes, and at the Duckrabbit blog. You can see my pieces for BagNews here. And my pieces for Duckrabbit here.

My interests

I’m interested in people and the intimate interaction between subject, photographer, photograph and viewer. I’m deeply concerned with contemporary issues, the politics of visual culture and the discourse that surrounds it and much of my work takes on this focus. I’m very keen on the cross-pollination of mediums, ideas and subjects as a way of grappling with and channelling the fast paced world around us.

My research and practice has led me to a special concern for the representation of women in photography. I am trying to develop ways of representing the female body and female stories that engage with and challenge much mainstream discourse and imagery. In general, I am interested in issues of power and representations of ‘the other’.

My current research foci are: Rape culture and how it interacts with myth and visual culture; The representation of women in the photojournalism, reportage and memorial of the Vietnamese-American war.

My Practice

Recently, I have started to put together what I am calling photo-poems. I’m interested in the interaction between text and image and the third meaning the two can create in the space between themselves. It’s a non-literal practice.

I have recently been working on a photo-poem, You Did This To Yourself, an image-text piece combining photographs, poetry and documents to explore the issue of sexual attack and abuse in our society and the underlying but powerful myth of victim-blaming. You can view the project and the book I produced in collaboration with Mina Bach at


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