The low and dark

Sometimes I inhabit that space
Low and dark
It’s your house Nana
And you not there
Or somewhere upstairs can’t be moved
There is a church opposite remember
Well I dreamt they were singing catholic songs for you
And their voices were up and down
I said now listen to those voices
It must be some kind of comfort
But the house was still low and dark
And we could barely move
Because we were not meant to be there
And we could not move.

Nana don’t sleep in my mind anymore, it’s ok. Be my imaginary friend?
I wish I could see your house wide and light again
Smelling of the food you make.
Just in my mind, you know.


5 responses to “The low and dark

  1. Nice portraits. I like how they’re kinda anti-portraits in a way in that they don’t try to show the whole picture. They visualise that there is much that cannot be captured properly…

    Did you shoot these through glass? Whatever you did I like the frostiness that you’ve created, particularly on the first; it’s like peering into a cryogenic freezer…

  2. Hey Max! I’ll let you in on a secret…. I scanned my face. !

    And yes it reminded me of someone frozen or dead. It reminds me a lot of how dead bodies look, whenever I’ve seen them anyway. I think I look like a Medieval boy that’s been preserved…?
    I now want to scan everyone! All it took was my ordinary HP printer/scanner.

  3. Fantastic Maddie. Very creative and effective. I can just imagine you with your head stuck in the scanner! I might try out a few lo-fi, old school ones on a photocopier!

  4. Ha ha! What a great secret – I love the idea. And it works.

  5. Wow, The last paragraph (stanza?) sums up my feelings pretty much as well.

    You have a gift cousin xx

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