Hey Bucko

I’m really failing to respect the blog form – ridiculously long posts, photos you have to click on and wait to load in order to get a look at… and now this. What is this?


3 responses to “Hey Bucko

  1. Hello, it’s Max Colson. I’m on the online MA course…

    It’s a really interesting idea, that’s what it is. Where are you going with it?

  2. hey! thanks! well, actually, I’m being a bit disingenuous with this post I guess. I actually really like this way of thinking / working. I’m hoping I could achieve some kind of similar mode with photographic portraits… I do it a lot with doodles. In fact I got this guys face from a photographer’s blog – he stopped me in the street to take my photo so then I looked him up and drew another one of his subjects. So yea, I just find the ‘blog’ a rather odd space and so sometimes it makes me want to be a bit flippant. More of these face/stories to follow!

  3. Hey sorry for the longness, was off in Bristol and disconnected from the internet for about 4 days. Was rather nice in a way, although obviously I wasn’t here to see your reply!

    I think flippant stuff is perfect for blog posting. Blogging’s perfect for throwing ideas around anyway – after all the blog is only a diary that charts where you were to where you are now. Being flippant, throwing ideas about, talking about stuff, it’s all part of the process…

    Look forward to seeing more of the serendipitous doodles!

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