Note on Form

I have not yet posted the second, third and fourth post as I should have done. This is because it occurred to me that a ‘self-reflective’ blog about my own development as a photographer was going to have to be about me – duh. Writing about myself is a difficult thing. Some alien voice invades the prose and starts narrating things at me in some kind of haughty Jane Austen voice – and I can’t seem to shut her up. So anyway, in an attempt to silence her, I kind of just shut up altogether. Now, thinking about it a bit more, I realise the problem is I am not completely comfortable with prose to express my patterns of thought. We think of prose as straight-forward language but it really is anything but. It’s full of quirks and voices and rules. And, if you really think about how your mind works, it often doesn’t think in prose at all. Well, at least mine doesn’t. It’s more like chains of images, patterns of words and then some sense of an idea. (Hey now, I realise this isn’t an original concept – you know, plenty of artists and poets and authors worked this out pretty well maybe over hundred years ago by now. And it’s been well reshaped and out-dated since then.) So I think ‘my blog’ (as I must now call it), is going to have to be more of a scrapbook if it’s going to reflect my true learning experience. I hope I can squash all the pieces together well enough so that it still makes sense to the reader, whilst still maintaining the nature and shape of that original feeling of thinking and thinking through seeing. So here will feature messy scraps of ideas and reflections, the images that have been handed to me or which I have taken, quotes and notes, evidence, documentation, other miscellaneous parts. Basically, all the things that feed into my mind as I try to develop this muscular visual faculty which it seems a photographer needs.


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